Learning and education is an important part of our lives. Without proper education, it is quite challenging to survive in today’s highly competitive society. For modern education, we need modern learning ways and platforms. There are various online learning platforms that focus on providing deep learning to the students. One of the most popular video-based learning platforms is Edgenuity.

It offers excellent programs for high school as well as middle school students and also allows the teacher to modify the programs according to the needs and requirements of the curriculum. If you have not heard about edgenuity answers for students that there are some important aspects that you must learn about this platform.

Some essential aspects related to Edgenuity

Pricing and charges

Edgenuity is not free as students, as well as teachers or schools, need to purchase a license to enjoy the features and programs of this platform. A separate license is needed to be purchase for every student, so the school buys the license according to the number of students in their school. The pricing of the licenses are divided into two parts as follows;

Curriculum pricing

Under these schools, purchase licenses in bulk according to their students. The cost of each license is around $350 to $1200 for each student. The price of the program may be affected by certain factors such as type of courses, Appointing Edgenuity teachers, etc.

Development pricing

Under this scheme, Edgenuity offers different packages with different formats to learn. Sometimes it also has a partnership with programs to create something unique. The price of professional development programs is around $2500 per day.

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