We all have responsibilities and duties as an individual. We have responsibilities as a daughter, son, grandchild, sister, brother, parents, partner, and many more. We have different roles in life and those roles have a set of duties and responsibilities like a package, but know also that despite having those, you still have your rights. You are also part of a country, and being part of it you have obliged to pay something, and that is called tax. 

Taxes are allocated in different aspects. The government has a fund for different health programs. As we all know that not all of us can carry the burden of being sick. There are so many expenses like hospital bills and medicines, it will also depend on the treatment. So, the government allotted funds to aid the unfortunate ones. Also, this fund is for emergencies like pandemic cases. Another is the  fund for the military in case of emergencies like war. Learn more about irs tax relief now on www.colystromboli.com.

There is also social security for retired workers, disabled workers, and many more. There is also a case that the country is indebted to other countries especially so some taxes are allotted for paying those debts. Moreover, we also the education sector as well as the food and agriculture sector that should have funds in order to operate. Lastly is for the veterans benefits. This will cover those people who are pensioned in terms of medical aspects and many more. 

Taxes vary from individual to individual. There is what we call a tax relief agreement which is a program or an agreement between the law ot the tax authorities and the taxpayers. This is like an incentive who will benefit the taxpayers because there will be an allowable amount of tax for them. We know that tax is important in a country but for some people this is a burden so there is such a program to lessen the burden for some people.