Many people have been disappointed by fake micro SD cards. It is hard to spot a fake SD card from a genuine one.  The micro SD card is one of the most pirated items in the world. It is a very basic item; therefore, it is easy for people to make it even from the comfort of their homes. However, pirated SD cards cannot perform like the genuine ones. That is because it takes a state-of-the-art facility to make the best micro SD card. There is a lot of advanced technology that goes into the manufacturing process.

How to Avoid Fake SD Cards

Physical inspection will not tell you if an SD card is a fake. No test can be carried out to prove the genuineness of this kind of product. Your best bet is to shop in the right place. That is the only way that you will be able to avoid fake SD cards.

For the best micro SD card, shop from a well-known online or offline retailer. When shopping on a popular online platform like Amazon, it is easy to find a reputable seller. You simply have to check the reviews. To know more about memory cards, you can visit this site

Never Buy Second Hand

An SD card is something that you shouldn’t buy second hand. A used item will likely have quality issues. If you want the fastest MicroSD card, make sure you buy brand new. You can find a brand new SD card for less than eight dollars. You don’t have to pay over ten dollars.


Always insist on being given a warranty for the SD card. If that is the case, you will easily return the product and get a replacement in case there are manufacturing defects.

The Bottom-Line

The best micro SD card will depend on the intended use. If you want something for photography or videography, you will need to consider write speeds.